The 5lands Walk

There’s no denying it, the sunny Central Coast (apart from the wild weather of late!) is a pretty special place.

My family has been on the Central Coast for over 40 years, my Dad’s probably been here over 50 years, which is why he seems to know so many people. Doesn’t matter where we go, Dad knows someone, and Mum’s just as bad! Some of my best memories of growing up on the Central Coast were spent on our beautiful beaches, either with my family or friends. Remember those carefree days where we ran around wearing SPF 8 and didn’t worry about a hole in the ozone layer!

On the 18th June, 2011 (just a couple of weeks away), there is a fabulous event called the 5 Lands Walk and it is a celebration of the culture, community spirit and beauty of our Central Coast beachside towns. Starting at MacMasters Beach you will walk from one gorgeous beach to the next. Going from MacMasters to Copacabana then around to Avoca Beach and North Avoca and finishing at what we consider our local beach which is Terrigal beach. Along the way, in all the beachside villages (for want of a better term), there will be cultural events including music, dancing, and food put on by the locals to celebrate, appreciate and be grateful for this wonderful place we are blessed with.

According to the 5 Lands Walk website: in 2010 over 1200 people registered to walk and they estimate that 3000 actually walked! What a great turnout! And they are expecting even more this year. Click on the link above to register if you’d like to take part in this fabulous celebration of our local community.

You don’t have to participate in the walk (although if you can it will be a fabulous experience), you can simply go along to any (or all) of the beachside towns mentioned to experience the events taking place.

This year Kids on Congas are very excited at the opportunity to be involved. So if you are planning on doing the walk or simply going along to the beaches to enjoy the cultural experience then make sure you stop by at Terrigal Beach at 11am so your kids can grab a drum and experience the exuberant energy of Kids on Congas.

So don’t forget – 18th June 5lands Walk, register to walk at the 5lands Walk website, at the above link.

Where will you find Kids on Congas at the 5lands Walk?

You’ll find Kids on Congas on the sand at 11am at Terrigal Beach.  We’ll be the ones with all the brightly coloured drums making lots of noise!!  So bring your kids, your grandchildren, your nieces, your nephews and/ or your neighbours kids! They’ll all love it! We look forward to seeing you and of course your kids, there!! Come along, it will be a great event to be a part of.

See below for an amazing photo of Terrigal Beach taken by an extremely talented and international award winning photographer who is based on the Central Coast – Danny Irvine. If you want to purchase any of Danny’s images, book a photography workshop with him or have any portraits taken for your family, simply mention that you found him on this blog to receive a 10% discount.

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5lands walk

An amazing photo of Terrigal Beach taken by international award winning Central Coast based photographer - Danny Irvine.