The launch of 'DrumAbility' - our flexible drumming program for people with a disability

Congas are very excited to launch our new 'DrumAbility' program, which will bring our hands on, high energy drumming to people of all ages who have a disability.  Our drumming program brings out the DrumAbility in everyone!

Growing up with disability in my family certainly influenced the direction my life experiences have taken me. I’m really excited to be able to combine my 20 years experience working as a professional percussionist, with my lifetime of experience working with disabilities to provide exciting programs which deliver an enriching, hands on musical program that brings out the ability in all!  On a personal level, I find it so rewarding seeing the joy on the faces of all of our drummers when they find themselves completely immersed in the moment and lost in the rhythm, where they find themselves making music in a group environment like they have never done before!


A story I'd like to share….

I did a drumming session for a vacation care group of about 30 kids.  The carers had told me at the start of the session that there was an autistic boy in the group and his mother had called several times during the week, concerned that he may be overwhelmed by the drumming.  She asked that they please watch him closely and if he appeared distressed, to please take him out of the room.  The carers were worried (I could see it on their faces). He didn’t like loud noise and Mum was concerned he may be overwhelmed…I guess he did get overwhelmed, but not in a way that anyone was expecting.  Throughout the session he appeared to be having a ball, I caught his fleeting gaze repeatedly.  Then at one point he stopped drumming, stood up and ran over and hugged my leg like a vice…and didn’t let go.

This was an uncharacteristic behaviour for this young boy as he was generally dissociative. I paused and everyone went quiet, even the other kids. I could feel my eyes welling up as I looked around the room, and at him and I could see that the carers were astounded, and they were wiping away the tears.  He hugged my leg so tightly and then all of a sudden ran back to his chair and started whacking the drum again – everyone instantly took up where they left off! It was a beautiful, touching, emotional moment that I will never forget.

This is not an isolated event, moments like this one have happened to me many times over the years, and I never forget them. They serve as an inspiration to all involved, and demonstrate the therapeutic effect of these activities / programs.

DrumAbility is a range of exciting, hands on drumming / activity programs full of colour, texture & sound. Our programs are designed to offer a wide range of activities for people of all ages who have a disability.


DrumAbility provides;

  • Drumming activities to suit a wide range of abilities
  • Achievable goals in a supportive environment
  • Colourful drums & instruments with a vast range of sounds and textures
  • Enormous flexibility and a 'go with the flow' attitude
  • Music therapy, fun, noise & laughter
  • A highly experienced facilitator

Some of our recent happy customers:

We had a session with Craig Morrison from 'Kids on Congas' on our disabled children's camp. By all accounts it was a stand out activity of the camp. Craig was able to connect with every single child instantaneously. Even children who had previously been completely unengaged suddenly came alive with this activity. The energy, dedication and care he brought to the role was nothing short of incredible. He was professional from the first point of contact and completely across the important areas of working with disabled children. I cannot recommend more highly 'Kids on Congas' for children with disabilities.

- James Daniel, 2014 Sony Foundation, St Andrew's College Children's Camp

Craig from Kids on Congas was the star attraction at our workshop last week for children with Cerebral Palsy and their families. His enthusiasm and passion for drumming was contagious and ensured everyone got involved. He was sensitive and respectful of the children's different needs and abilities making all the children (and their parents) feel like rock stars. Craig's drumming workshop created an environment where everyone was equal and the stresses of having Cerebral Palsy or having a sibling or a child with Cerebral Palsy were melted away and these families were allowed to just have fun together. I could not recommend Craig from Kids on Congas highly enough.

- Lauren Pyatt (Psychologist), Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Sydney

If you know anyone who may be interested in the Kids on Congas DrumAbility Program, please send them our way! More information on both the DrumAbility program and my personal experience working with people with disabilities can be found on Kids on Congas website or alternatively, I can be contacted via:

 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ph:     0418 266 511