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So earlier this week, I did the first drumming session of a 6 week program with a group of awesome kids who have both disabilities and come from disadvantaged backgrounds.....the first session was so rewarding that I had to share the experience....

After setting up I launched into three sessions with small groups of kids with a range of disabilities combined with behavioural issues and the rest, ages from Kindi to yr 6. I was warned that there may be some 'hoo ha' but to 'not be alarmed'.

Within 2 minutes of the first session I was holding back tears as I watched some of the most disadvantaged characters you could meet burst with glee and excitement. Their enthusiasm, their total joy of being told how good they were, and how amazed I was that they were "this good" at the different activities. Watching the disbelief on the teachers faces....

I announced to the kids that we would be doing a show at the end of the 6 week course, for parents and anyone who wanted to watch and every single kid in each class raised their hand (with gritted teeth) when I asked who would like to be involved?!! 

At the end of the three sessions the teachers were beside themselves, grabbing fliers, talking about funding for an annual course, and how class 3 had never taken part in one activity for more than 5 minutes without 'acting out'. I didn't even get to see who the 'hard kids' were, we were all to busy smashing it, teachers included!

This school is where kids get sent when they have been expelled from everywhere else. Today we laughed our heads off, shared stories, drummed like maniacs and talked about how much we were going to crank it next week.

I felt so privileged to be the person standing in the midst of this celebration today and some of the moments that I experience during these sessions I will remember forever. I can't wait for the performance - no one will believe what they see, I have seen this time & time again.

I will be working hard to further develop these speciality programs for people with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds, it's a mission that has come naturally to me and I am loving it!

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