Drumming for Primary Schools

High Energy Drumming in Primary Schools - Newcastle, The Central Coast and Sydney. An exciting approach of enrichment and education.

Kids on Congas drumming programs in schools are passion driven and facilitated by an expert who has drummed with over 20,000 kids. Our sessions appeal to students with all levels of ability, no matter what their background or story may be. 

Based on 25 years of drumming with some of the world's finest drummers, years of performing on stage and extensive experience with people with special needs, our sessions in schools are a fabulous HIGH ENERGY musical experience.

We use a range of African traditional and contemporary drums, teach elements including dynamics, polyrhythms, tempo and focus on teamwork, building confidence and stimulating creativity.  It's exciting, unique and very effective.

Our programs and facilitator are endorsed by REMO (an international drumming icon) - you are in the hands of experts.MASTER Remo within Crown transparent

kids drumming full speed

What can Kids on Congas provide for your school?

  • Drumming incursions for one or every class, where every student has a drum to play
  • Team building activities for leadership camps, wellbeing week or any school event
  • 6 or 8 week courses with an exciting choreographed performance at the end
  • Whole school interactive body percussion sessions

What do the sessions involve?

The students will:

  • Play African rhythms
  • EACH HAVE A DRUM to use for the whole session
  • Use African traditional and contemporary hand drums
  • Learn hand drumming, call and response and soloing techniques
  • Work as part of a team, develop confidence and learn from an expert
  • DO ALL THE DRUMMING - it's not about watching someone else perform!!
school kids drumming

Who will be facilitating the drumming?

craig playing doun dounThe kids will be in great hands with one of Australia’s most experienced percussionists. Craig Morrison has lived and studied in West Africa and has been studying Cuban percussion and culture for decades. He has strong knowledge of authentic music traditions and is an inspired, enthusiastic facilitator who is known for bringing the best out in children of all ages.

As a highly skilled multi percussionist Craig has been facilitating music therapy / drumming to young and old, able and disabled for two decades in London, Hawaii, Africa, Indonesia and Australia. He was recently (2016) granted 'artist endorsement' by REMO, the world's largest drum head manufacturer and a pioneer in drum technology.

He has more than 25 years of experience on stage and currently performs with numerous professional bands at high profile events and festivals, attends leadership seminars & conferences, designes drumming courses and works for entertainment agencies with some of Sydney's finest freelance musicians.

What are the benefits to the children?

Kids on Congas drumming incursions encourage development of;

  • Self Confidence
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Teamwork and self-esteem
  • Listening skills and social skills
  • Empowerement and stress release

Kids on Congas will leave you with an experience that you will not forget, … Call now, or contact us to avoid disappointment.