DrumAbility for special needs

Looking for an exciting activity for people with disabilities? DrumAbility is our range of programmes for people with special needs in Newcastle, The Central Coast and Sydney.

DrumAbility combines 25 years experience as a professional percussionist with over 20 years experience working with people of all ages with special needs.  The result is energetic and inspiring facilitated drumming sessions for kids and adults with disabilities!  

Our programs and facilitator are endorsed by REMO (an international drumming icon) - you are in the hands of experts.MASTER Remo within Crown transparent


DrumAbility provides;

  • Drumming activities to suit a wide range of abilities
  • Achievable goals in a supportive environment
  • Colourful drums & instruments with a vast range of sounds and textures
  • Enormous flexibility and a 'go with the flow' attitude

Who will enjoy this?

Anyone affected by;

  • Hearing loss & deafness
  • Intellectual disability
  • Learning disability
  • Mental illness
  • Physical disability
  • Speech & language disorders

And let's not forget!

  • Carers
  • Siblings
  • Mum's & dads
disabled adults drumming
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Magic Moments

Through DrumAbility, Craig has experienced many "Magic Moments" for example ...

  • A non-verbal child spoke for the first time when Craig held a microphone and gestured to him, moving many people in the room to tears.
  • An autistic child who rarely displayed affection ran up and hugged Craig in the middle of a drumming session (which made Craig well up with tears!).
  • A gentleman who had not left his room in years heard the drumming and not only left the room (much to his carer's surprise) but joined in and participated with 100% gusto until the end! 

Drumming has a raw, undeniable energy which connects to the human spirit at a deep emotional level. Through DrumAbility Craig wants to continue facilitating magic moments for as many people as possible!  These are the moments that leave the biggest impressions on so many people and these are the moments that are unforgettable.  



Craig Morrison (facilitator) has a lifetime of experience with disabilities;

  • growing up with disability in his family
  • set up a drumming ensemble in London in 1993, to visit centres with profoundly disabled children. This was highly successful, visiting scores of children across the south west of the United Kingdom.
  • 2 years as an outdoor pursuits instructor at Churchtown Farm (Cornwall, UK). Here Craig worked with a different group of people every week in a busy respite / holiday environment. He worked with over 150 different types of disability during this time, and gained valuable experience working with people of all ages with a disability.
  • 20 years as a Disability Support Worker for the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home care (Australia), working with adults and children with moderate to severe intellectual & physical disabilities, spending much of his time focussing on people with 'challenging behaviour'.
  • To compliment his strong experience working with disabilities Craig is also one of Australia’s most experienced percussionists who has lived and studied in West Africa and has been studying Cuban percussion and culture for decades. He has strong knowledge of authentic music traditions and is an inspired, enthusiastic facilitator who is known for bringing the best out in people of all ages.
  • regularly performs with Sydney's finest freelance artists

Other Events

Looking for a powerful addition to any outdoor or indoor event in Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney or Wollongong? Kids on Congas is the answer.

A Kids on Congas drumming experience provides a great alternative to a normal weekly kids team activity. Do you have a group of kids doing:

  • Scouts
  • Netball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Girl Guides
  • Or ANY other kids group activity?
 koala setup

Something different?

We get kids working together as a team to achieve something great. Imagine how excited your group of kids would be if you surprised or rewarded them with something different in place of their regular training, class, lesson or whatever the case may be!

Public Events

Kids on Congas also makes a powerful addition to any outdoor / indoor public event such as markets, festivals and anywhere there is going to be lots of parents with kids! We have stallholders asking to be placed next to us as when the drumming starts, the parents flock with their children and while the kids drum, sales go up at the neighbouring stalls!

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What can Kids on Congas provide?

  • PA system with cordless microphone
  • Drumming sessions at outdoor & public events
  • Drumming for special kids functions or end of year / season events
  • Drumming workshops where EVERYONE gets a drum